Saturday, January 17, 2009

design*sponge love

this post is dedicated to sandy. the nicest pit bull i ever met. rest in peace sandy. rest in peace.

crafty diy on the web is the best. i have this web place favorited--
i get lost there. lots of before and afters. lots of pretty, inspirational photos. lots of crafty goodness. they also don't use capital letters in the blog hee hee. the latest newness goodness are recipes. love that!
this kitty kat scratching box will be perfect for my kitties: patty, chewie and baby princess. here's how:
4" strips of cardboard. taped with masking tape. as you are rolling, ensure one side is perfectly even. The other side doesn't matter. cover outside with pretty paper or perhaps paint? cut bottom circle from paper or fabric to size and before gluing, slam a little kat nip in there. hee hee.

here's the complete directions by kate pruitt on design sponge. she rocks!