Tuesday, December 30, 2008

digital crafting with photostory3

welcome new year's eve 2009. it's going to be a good year. thinking positive is half the battle. it's going to be a good year. it's going to be a good year.

my sister and i are addicted to making movies with this software. it's from microsoft. it is photostory3. why they called it '3', i have no clue. it sounds better than photostory9....like they couldn't get the first 8 right. ha.

upload your digital photos, arrange and edit them, add music and words, if you want to, and whhaaa laaahhh! get the popcorn. get the kleenex. a movie is born.

here's a link to microsoft.com's photostory3 if you want to check it out. i am thinking mr. bill gates should pay me money for spreading the word about this.

digital crafting at it's finest. i love my dog. nice.